coming soon….. but until then meet Bella and I-Lean.  


Bella is our now 12 y.o. Bichon Shitsu.  Obviously, a spoiled suburban lap dog for her formidable years, but has transformed into a true farm dog.  Follows me everywhere.  Loves to be outside.  Gets along with everyone(everything)…except she reminds the Amazon drivers who runs the place.   

I-Lean is a rescue cat from Wayside Waifs.  Story is she was hit by a car and lost her leg.   At the adoption center, she wasn’t very friendly, so she was offered as a barn cat. I was looking for a good mouser for the shop.  I couldn’t leave without her.  Clearly, she had a more politically correct name, but we quickly changed it to “I-Lean” for obvious reasons.  She stills nips a bit but has turned into the best little addition to our farm.  She’s still pretty shy around people, but always is up for some morning and evening pets from me.